About Go4er

What Makes Go4er Different

Go4er software was conceived to help requestors/businesses gain time to do what they do best and to improve their bottom line.   
Professional drivers and hot shot drivers enjoy what they’re doing and they decide on their level of active hours and flexibility of their income.

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What is Go4er?

Go4er is a software platform that caters to the end-to-end logistic needs of various businesses across different industries. It seamlessly integrates technology with deliveries to provide best in class on-demand delivery solutions for your business. Whether your need is immediate or same day, Go4er™ delivers!

Go4er software has been designed for independent contract drivers and couriers to allow businesses to add to or have a tool to service their hot shot, business logistics, wholesalers and suppliers delivery needs.


Bill founded and grew an Exhibit, Broadcast and Signage company. For over 30 years they designed and fabricated time sensitive dimensional marketing items for many well-known companies, universities and broadcast networks around the world. 

This type of custom manufacturing often has a need to find and obtain specialty items with short lead times and special shipping methods. There are always logistic needs to get projects completed on time and to have all finished products ready to be shipped to a business location, specifically dated tradeshows and travelling broadcast sets that had to be on air for many domestic and worldwide events. 

The Go4er team has the knowledge to research and the experience to save on many normal and rush shipping situations. 

Join Go4er Affiliates (GA) Program to Amplify Your Earnings

Go4er Affiliates presents a unique opportunity to Independent Contract drivers/couriers, individuals, companies, and businesses to earn incentives each time they introduce a requester who successfully uses Go4er desktop or mobile app to complete their on-demand delivery job. 

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Key features of GA program
Both Go4er software users and non-users can become a Go4er affiliates (GA) partner.
GA’s can even recruit additional Go4er drivers to help support requestors.
No contract needs to be signed to become a GA.
Unique 5 digit GA ID code is assigned to every GA to uniquely track their earnings. 
An on-demand delivery solution that's making life easy for businesses
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