Amplify Your Reach and Grow Your Business With Go4er On-Demand Delivery Platform 

Go4er is an easy to use app-based platform that helps businesses across different industries to place pickup or delivery requests at cost-effective rates so that they can focus on more important tasks. Businesses can manage their delivery drivers/fleet and even add vetted  Independent Contract(IC) drivers pool based on the need.

The end-to-end management of logistics by Go4er translates into higher productivity, saved costs and time for businesses!

How it works

Businesses can use W/L desktop or the new enhanced mobile app to quickly sign up with Go4er and get started with pick-up or delivery requests. 

Businesses can rely on Go4er to deliver or pick-up most of the things they want whether the need is immediate or same day. 
Businesses can choose from their own pool of  drivers to complete the delivery  or assign requests to our vetted/best practices Independent Contract Drivers (ICD).
Never worry about where the order is ever again.Go4er offers real-time tracking on a map of the orders at every point in the process.
Businesses will receive push notifications indicating that delivery is complete with a photo and signature for your records.
With Go4er software businesses can track and manage all the important documentation from one place. 

Why Go4er for Businesses?

Increased efficiency:
The digitized dispatcher system of Go4er enables the businesses to assign, and track all orders from a single platform.
Save costs and time:
Businesses can have most things picked-up or delivered through Go4er drivers who use their own insured vehicle to handle deliveries. This way companies can save on the cost of maintaining their own trucks and they pay as per the hourly or mileage rates.
Add capacity without overhead cost:
As and when the need arises businesses can use Go4er to complete the requests on high-demand days without having to worry about adding more capacity. 
Scale your business:
Go4er provides your business with an opportunity to expand the radius of your deliveries, thus helping you to scale your business to new heights. 
Track recurring orders:
Go4er makes it easy to have a library of recurring requests and employ milk run to accelerate the delivery system.
Flexible rates:
Flexible rate options like paying per hour, or mileage rates, allow a business to find a driver within their budget.
An on-demand delivery solution that's making life easy for businesses
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