What is it


Go4er is an app! We provide an on-demand delivery solution for your business or personal needs. Whether your need is immediate or same day, Go4er delivers!




Lawn Tractor

Building Materials


Machine Parts

Medical Devices

Office Supplies


5 Gallon Paint





Who is it


Go4er gets it! We understand that you are busy, and your time is valuable!

How can Go4er make your life easier?



At your child’s activity, and you forgot something at work



On the job-site and need a special part to finish the job?

At home alone with a sick child and need to fill a prescription?

Hosting an event or meeting and need that special item without leaving?

At work and need a special errand ran but don’t have the time?

How it Works?

Customer secures item to be picked up or delivered.

Go4er is a free app for the driver and customer. The customer pays only when they accept a bid from a Go4er driver.

Using the Go4er app, the customer submits a request.

All area Go4er drivers receive a notification.

Go4er drivers submit bids based on package type, availability, location, and delivery timeframe.

Customer selects a bid that best suits their requirements.

After the order has been confirmed, the driver is notified. The pick-up and delivery process begins.

The customer is notified throughout the pick-up, transit, and delivery process.

Should additional communication be necessary, the driver and the customer can chat via the Go4er app.

Ready for delivery!

The driver follows the customer's preset delivery instructions.

At delivery, the final steps could include
-electronic signature
-photograph of the delivered item

The delivery process is now complete.

The customer and driver can update Go4er with a review of each other.

Customers / Requestors

Ensure your item is ready for pick-up

Place your pick-up & delivery request

Select a bid that meets your requirements

Track your package via notifications until delivery

Rate your driver


Receive notification there is a pick-up in your area

If available, place your bid

If bid was accepted, based on customer requirements:

Complete pick-up


Rate your customer

why choose us?

Deliveries in 4 hours
or less*

Increase your profit and sales by minimizing wasted time

Direct delivery to home, the office, or a job site

Years of combined experience

Reliability and customer satisfaction, you will be able to rate the service provider on your app!

Instant alerts on smartphone with the current update on package.

Partner with

If you are an existing courier service provider, partnering with Go4er will take your business to the next level.

review and respond to new requests

Get instant alerts about all new requests and respond to them.

send QUOTEs and interact with the requestor

Send a quote and interact with the requestor using a simple easy-to-use interface.

Manage ALL YOUR REQUESTS in one view

Update the status of the delivery and send instant updates to all your clients.

Partner with Go4er