Dispatching software
for on demand pickup
and delivery.

Go4er™ is a software platform. We provide an on-demand delivery solution for your business. Whether your need is immediate or same day, Go4er™ delivers!


Go4ers - Integrating technology (software) with deliveries (drivers)  

Go4er entails managing all the logistics for your business by providing you a pool of independent contract drivers and a software platform, so that you can focus on more important things.

If you already have drivers employed for handling the deliveries for your business, use the Go4er software to manage your orders and drivers efficiently.

$345,000 friends and
family round.
Product launched
Feb, 2021
$113,487.04 Gross

Without Go4er software

Businesses lack efficient cost-effective software and available couriers to process rapid delivery needs, which causes delays in the completion of critical jobs.

Key Contributing Factors
Higher maintenance cost for company delivery trucks.
Vetted independent driver availability.
High price for last minute deliveries.

With Go4er software

Manage all your orders through the Go4er software. Get a complete picture of the status of your orders and manage your drivers efficiently.
Use trusted Go4er drivers to handle deliveries for your business and pay as per the hourly or mileage rates even for last minute deliveries.
Pay for your order and monitor your  driver in
real-time as your order is picked up
and delivered.


For Drivers
Most size vehicles available
Hourly, mileage payments for jobs.
No revenue split and earn what you request. Businesses pay additional Go4er cost.
For Businesses
Built from the dispatch perspective
giving the client more control over
routing and scheduling.
Flexible rate options allow a client to find a driver within their budget.
Add capacity without overhead cost.
Go4er Customer Profile
Go4er caters to the pick up and deliver needs of businesses across different industries.

Create your own driver pool with independent contract drivers and couriers.

Businesses Love Go4er!

Go4er Gets it and allows us to do what we do best! 
We were using some of the larger parcel companies for our local shipping, we were paying a ton and items were often arriving damaged.  Go4er allows us to get our items picked up on demand, delivered direct to our customer the same day and we are also saving on cost

-Jody,  Small Ct manufacture

As a logistics professional there are many times when a customer has a smaller on demand delivery. With Go4er my team is able to have a vetted local driver at our fingertips to fulfil these type requests.

 - John, Logistics broker

 We had an important part that needed to be delivered to a vendor right away, Go4er had a driver readily available to pick up and deliver the piece in a safe and timely manner. While at the vendors the go4er driver also returned another part that was ready for our production needs!

-  Alan, Manufacturing company dispatcher

We have daily OnDemand milk runs and hot shots for our manufacturing operations. We also have proper documentation needs and the Go4er software works for all these requirements.

-Mike, High value manufacturing 

I own a construction company and many times where we are on a job and need supplies picked up to complete a job.
I am able to request GO4ER on my app to complete a pickup and delivery to the job site in a timely manner so we can continue working without down time.

-Duane, Building Contractor

With the Go4er software we have been able to create our own vetted driver pool and have drivers with different type vehicles when we need them. It’s great that their drivers also have to pass a written best practises form online.

-Norm ,CT manufacturer


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- JoE, JuiceBar EV

Software Features

- Digitized dispatcher system to log and track all orders.
-Track driver locations in real-time on a map.
-Schedule recurring orders.
-Add your own drivers or assign requests to Go4er drivers.
-Allow drivers charge by hour or mileage depending on job type.