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Driving for Go4er is ultimate job freedom. Work at your convenience and personally tailor your deliveries to create the ultimate balance for your life’s priorities. Whether you choose to work 40 hours or 2 hours, driving for Go4er gives you the freedom to live your life your way while also generating income. Plus, driving for Go4er means your payments will be deposited directly into your account as soon as your delivery is complete. You never have to worry about getting paid and you know you can count on earning extra cash when you’re in a bind.


How it Works?

Customer Secures item to be picked up or delivered.

Go4er is a free app for the driver and customer. The customer pays only when they accept a bid from a Go4er driver.

Using the Go4er app, the customer submits a request.

All area Go4er drivers receive notification.

Go4er drivers submit bids based on package type, availability, location, and delivery timeframe.

Customer selects a driver that best suits their requirements.

After the order has been confirmed, the driver is notified and the pick-up and delivery process begins.

The customer is notified throughout the pick-up, transit, and delivery process.

Should additional communication be necessary the driver and the customer can chat via the Go4er app.

Ready 4 delivery!

The driver follows the customers preset delivery instructions.

At delivery, the final steps could include
-electronic signature
-photograph of the delivered item

The delivery process is complete.

The customer and driver can update G04er with a review of each other.

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Go4er™ is an app! We provide an on-demand delivery solution for your business or personal needs. Whether your need is immediate or same day, Go4er™ delivers!