A flexible system that helps drivers to start their own on-demand delivery business

Go4er is a high value delivery software that gives the drivers the ultimate freedom to make a living on their own terms. Whether it is to work on a full-time schedule or squeeze in a couple of hours to earn some extra side cash, Go4er empowers you in both ways.
Getting started with Go4er is very easy! Signup with your basic details, post the type of vehicle and your preferred billing by the mile or hour and you are all set to drive for Go4er.

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Go4er drivers enjoy what they are doing and what they are making.

"Working with the go4er app, I have gotten a consistent full week schedule delivering high value parts. I’ve also been able to make a great consistent income!"

Box truck Driver

"Go4er- It’s great that there is a high value delivery software that is a tool to allow me to make money when I can."

sprinter van

"Go4er is a great way to make extra money within my schedule."

Kevin F.
Pick Up

"So glad I signed up to drive for Go4er. I've been able to make some extra money without the hassle of a set schedule. It's great!"

Diane F.

"I’m retired and drive for Go4er. It’s a perfect part time job for a retired person with a P/U truck. Easy software to use & flexible hrs. if needed."


"Super easy to use. I can look at delivery time and location requirements and decide if they fit in my normal daily schedule. If it works for me, I can bid or except the delivery" – Tyler S. -Pick up "The go4er delivery app allows me to make extra money and make deliveries to where I prefer to go."

Jesse W.
Box truck

“I am an Independent contractor for GO4ER, GO4ER allows me to complete deliveries but also allows me to develop my own GO4ER delivery business utilizing the GO4ER technology platform.  I am in my own business!”

Tony D

Why Drive with Go4er

Go4er provides a great way to earn consistent income with your insured vehicle.

Decide your salary:
With Go4er you have the flexibility to earn money based on your hourly, or mileage rates for the jobs assigned by the businesses.
Set your own schedule:
Whether you choose to work 40 hours or 2 hours, driving for Go4er gives you the freedom to set your own work hours based on your schedule. 
Choose your own deliveries:
You can see open requests, and based on the distance and location you can make the delivery choices. 
Access to information:
Drivers access all the details of the delivery request like the location, package size, and other pick up or delivery instructions even before accepting the request.  
No baseline rules for vehicles:
This allows anyone to join Go4er as a driver and get paid irrespective of what vehicle they drive to make the deliveries. 
On-going support:
Go4er team is readily available to resolve queries through phone, email or chat support. 
An on-demand delivery solution that's making life easy for businesses
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